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PPG Properties / PPG Development is a privately held company family owned with corporate headquaters in Fairfield, Connecticut and offices in Greenwich, Connecticut. PPG is a seasoned operator and has an outstanding reputation in commercial investment properties, commercial acquisition division, commercial development division, Commercial brokerage division and our in-house management team that handles the PPG entire commercial collection. PPG Properties is one company and one concern: superior service that is geared toward growth and formulated with the future in mind… Frank & Bryan Bowser, believe there isn’t a property in existence that can’t be purchased, leased, sold, or developed. PPG Properties owns and manages their own collection of Commercial investment properties and shopping centers which exceeds generations and generations of square feet. It takes knowledge, tenacity and patience to make a difference in the tough world of commercial real estate. 

PPG Properties has grown from a small Investment, development & brokerage firm to a multi faceted, experience, trusted and well known investment, development firm. The company has developed & manages major retail centers. PPG currently manages their own collection of their prime commercial properties from Maine to Florida.  PPG Properties firm is committed to maximizing the potential profitability of any given commercial property while generating significant capital appreciation, paired with the company's respected reputation among major retailers. This commitment has been the foundation of our success and the reason why 

PPG is one of the premier shopping center developers on the east coast. PPG Properties diverse experience and knowledge of all areas of commercial real estate helped to turn the PPG vision into reality.